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Why Bartend?

Forty-years old or fresh out of college, male or female, we can make it work for you! Check out the "San Diego Bartending College" Advantage." Get out of your old routine and try something high-paying and fun! San Diego is a great place to start an exiting career bartending!

  1. Get paid daily
  2. Salary plus tips
  3. Have fun, make money, meet people
  4. Flexible hours
  5. Advancement opportunities
  6. No age barriers
  7. Great job for college students
  8. Many great benefits
  9. Excellent part time jobs locally, and nationwide

San Diego Bartending College is always here to help you get the fun, flexible, most rewarding and high paying jobs you've always wanted.   
Beware of new schools with no experience. We are the "original" school for bartending with 2 locations and "free" Job Placement Assistance. Since 2000!  

Q: Why Bartending School?
A: This is by far my favorite question. Before there were bartending schools, you would first be a bar-back, bus person, wait staff, food runner, or even a dishwasher. When you finally become a bartender often you would lack the skills to be a great bartender. Simply put, many establishments just don’t have the time to train you. By taking our course, you will have the skills and confidence to step behind any bar and make money right away.

Q: I know nothing about alcohol or drinks. Will it be hard for me to learn or to keep up with the class?
A: Most of the students start with little or no knowledge of bartending or the service industry at all. The classes are broken up into lessons that make it easy to follow along and learn. Our veteran instructors make learning easy and fun. By the time your course is over, you will have the speed and knowledge to work in any environment.

Q: What is the demand for Bartenders today?
A: Obviously, Bartending jobs range from region to region. With all of the establishments in San Diego that serve alcohol, there is always a demand for well trained bartenders. As long as people want to go out and drink, there will be a demand for bartenders.

Q: I have a full-time job. Will someone still hire me if I can only work part time?
A: Most Bartenders only work part time. A lot of bartender’s have a full or part time job doing other things. However, some people find that they do so well bartending that they make it their full time job.

Q: How old do I have to be to be a bartender?
A: That depends on the State that you live in. In the State of California you must be at least 21 to serve alcohol behind the bar. You must be at least 21 to serve alcoholic beverages as wait staff. We have students that come through the school when they are 20, so that they can start bartending as soon as they’re 21.

Q: What is the average age of a bartender?
A: Age has nothing to do with the success of bartender. Here at San Diego Bartending College our classes include people of all ages to meet the needs of many different establishments. Just remember your ability, personality and attitude count for more than anything else.

Q: How soon can I start?
A: Classes start every 2 weeks.

Q: What happens if I miss a class?
A: If you happen to miss a class, for whatever reason, you simply make it up for free. We just need to reschedule you. It’s that easy.

Q: Do you teach me all that I need to know about bartending?
A: Not only do we teach you all about mixing drinks, you’ll learn about different types of alcohol, Customer Service, Bar set-ups and equipment, Legal aspects etc. This bartending program teaches everything you need to know to becoming a successful bartender.

Q: How does Job Placement work?
A: It’s very easy. Once you have completed your training, we offer job placement assistance to all of our graduates. We work for you to get your foot in the door interviewing and working with a wide variety of establishments that fit your needs. Graduates from the Bartending School successfully find jobs after completing our course. Why wait! Let us know how we can help you start your bartending career.





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